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If you are the head of hair salon, you can here:
- Post job vacancies for the hair salon (e.g. hiring hair stylists, shampooers etc.), please login Salon Panel, and upload relevant job vacancies

If you are Hair Stylist, you can find it here:
- You can find your favorite hair salon job here, helping the hair stylist to work easily (contact the Salon directly according to the contact information provided by the Salon)
- Post vacancies for hair stylist (such as hiring hair stylist assistants, etc.), please login Hair Stylist Panel, and upload relevant job vacancies

*Disclaimer: The content of this recruitment message comes from hair salons/hair stylists. Please judge its authenticity by yourself. If any problems or things happen directly or indirectly, this website "Singapore Hair Salon" will not be responsible for any form of any Responsibility)

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